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  • DATED :
  • 20-01-2017 --> Admission forms are available for new session 2017-18. forms can be collected from School Office .
  • 06-06-2016 --> School will Re-Open on 6th of June 2016 following time-table according to MORNING ROUTINE till next announcement. Students should make sure they have completed their respective Assignments in time.
  • 09-11-2015 --> On the Occasion of DIWALI and CHHATH POOJA, School will Remain CLOSED from 11/11/2015 (WED) to 18/11/2015 (WED).
  • And will RE-OPEN on 19/11/2015 (Thur).
  • 15-10-2015 --> Result Distribution on 31th of October 2015 (Saturday) Time 10:30am to 12:30pm (PARENTS PRESENCE IS COMPULSORY ON THE RESULT DAY.
  • 14-10-2015 --> School will remain closed from 17-10-2015 to 24-10-2015 on the occation of Durga Puja. School will re-open on 26-10-2015 (Monday) Timing (9:15am to 12:25pm)
  • 03-08-2015 --> SCHOOL TEST FA-2 2015 has been postponed till next Announcement from School Office.
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Doon Central School Rules:

School Rules :

1. Students must come to the school at least 10 minutes before the scheduled opening time.
2. Students are advised not to bring money,. ornaments and costly things in the school. The school will not be responsible for any such loss.
3. Conveyance must be locked and is strictly prohibited to ride on in the school ground.
4. Students suffering from contagious disease will not be allowed to attend the class until they produce a fitness certificate from amedical practitioner.
5. Students must come in the school in proper uniform.
6. Parents are requested to co-operate in the work of the school in order to have a close contact with the progress of the students.
7. Students must be clean neat and tidy.
8. The school property should be treated as one's own property.
9. No students will be allowed to go home or leave the school during the working hours unless he/she brings a letter from his/her father or guardian.
10. Students should be regular in attendance.
11. Denial of the rules will cause punishment.
12. 75% attendance essential forpromotion to the next higher class.
13. No leave is granted except on prior application from parents/guardians for genuine reasons.

School Hour:

Normal Order - For 'Nursery' & 'L.K.G' 09:20 a.m. - 01 :45 p.m. - For 'U.K.G' to 'X' 09:20 a.m. - 03:00 p.m.
Summer Order - For 'Nursery' to 'X' 06:45 a.m.- 11 :45 a.m.

School Uniform:

BOYS : Gray Pants, White Shirt, White Shocks, Black Shoes, Red Sweater.
GIRLS : Gray Skirt, White Shirt, White Shocks, Black Shoes, Red Sweater. From Class VI onwards Salwar Suit.

Accesptance of the School Fee:

Fee (without fine) on 15th of the month failing which late fine of RS. 10/- will be charged.
1. From the third month, name of the students shall be struck of the rolls and a re - admission charge of Rs. 500/-      will be charged.
2. Parents must clear all dues before the commencement of the first, second and final examination, falling which      he / she should not be allowed to appear in the aforesaid examinations.

Student's Pledge to the School :

• I Pledge that Doon Central School is My School.
• All Students are My Brothers and Sisters.
• I love My School and I am Proud of My School.
• I will Respect My Parents,Principal,T eachers and all Elders.
• I will come to the School in Neat,Clean and Complete Uniform.
• I will Attend School Regularly.

Guideline For Parent's :

1. Use the school diary as a means of communication with the class teacher and check the diary daily for home      work and the teacher's remarks if any.
2. Sign the test copies / papers as and when sent home.
3. See that your ward has all the text books, items of stationary etc.
4. Ensure that your ward, comes to the school in proper uniform with polished shoes, trimmed hair and clean nails.
5. Send the children regularly and punctually to the school. No absence will be permitted without a leave application     and late-comers will not be allowed to sit in the class.
6. Both the parents must attend the "Parent Teachers meet". Pay the School fee as per schedule.


1. Do not send the child to the school in case of a infectious disease and a medical certificate should be furnished     from a medical officer at the time of re-joining the school after illness.
2. Do not walk in to the class room or meet the teacher in the Classroom.
3. Do not visit the teachers at their residence.
4. Do not send the money or valuable articles with the students. The school, takes no responsibility in case they are     lost.